Edit saved search

The "edit saved search" option allows you to edit the name, priority, search parameters, search filters, and twitter retweet exclusion of the saved search.

edit saved search-2

Read more about each editing option below:

Edit name: Give your saved search a name that accurately describes to you what the search entails.

Priority: Delineating a priority to your saved search allows you to quickly organize and filter your saved searches within the Search Streams view.

Search Parameters: Edit the location, keywords, and authors of your saved search. 

search parameters

Note: Whenever we add a new data source, it will default to "off" within your saved searches, such as "Raddle" within the screenshot above. Make sure to toggle it on if you'd like to aggregate posts from that source going forward. 

Search filters: Add or remove any of the search filters attached to the specific saved search. Read more about our search filters here

Twitter retweet exclusion: Searches automatically exclude any retweeted posts as defined by Twitter. However, on occasion, users will manually retweet posts with an RT @username. You can enable more aggressive retweet filtering here to exclude those posts from your search results.

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