Flagging and Exporting

How do I flag and export posts?

Beacon allows users to flag posts of interest as they navigate search results and export that data in CSV format. Beyond streamlining search navigation, these features enable users to retain specific content to facilitate further investigation, share with their team, or retain as evidence. 

Flagging Posts

As you navigate through the search results in each tab, select the flag icon on any post you want to save for further viewing or export:


flag 1

These posts will appear under the "Flagged" tab.

Exporting Posts

Navigate to the "Flagged" tab to review results before exporting. You can also clear any or all of the flagged results here.


Beacon_-_Powered_by_Echosec 2

Select "Export Results" and send the CSV report to an email address of your choosing:

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 4.48.38 PM

You can also choose to export all the results loaded in the results list, whether or not they are flagged.