How Does the Technology Work?

Echosec Systems uses data provider APIs, third-party data aggregators, and our own Platform API to source data.

How Does Echosec Systems Find Its Data?

When an Echosec Systems customer runs a search, our tools retrieve data that match their search terms from each of our data sources. These data sources are grouped into three major categories: data provider APIs, the Echosec Systems Platform API, and third-party data aggregators.

What Are Data Provider APIs?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool that allows users to request data or ask a program questions. Many Echosec Systems data providers provide an API that allows our products to request data matching your search terms. Some of these APIs are provided to the public under freely-available terms of use. Others are made available through commercial contracts Echosec Systems has signed with the data providers.

What Is the Echosec Systems Platform API?

Web crawlers are automated programs that visit web pages, read their content, and file a copy of the web page into a searchable index. When a search request is made, the searchable index is consulted to quickly find web pages matching the request. Web crawlers are used to drive all major internet search engines, such as Google and Bing. 

The Echosec Systems Platform API  uses web crawlers to access public data sources that do not have an API, or to give users more access to sources with restricted third-party data aggregators. These sources include dark websites and community forums. Our API is built with artificial intelligence classifiers and machine learning models to detect data breaches and radical language from our data sources.

What Are Third-Party Data Aggregators?

Echosec Systems uses a few commercial data aggregators to retrieve content. These aggregators are doing the same things that Echosec Systems is doing—namely accessing APIs and/or indexing data through data crawlers. We employ these data aggregators for their expertise in specific fields and to leverage their own contracts with data providers. Echosec Systems vets our third-party data aggregators and has signed agreements to ensure they take appropriate measures to protect the search terms of our customers.