How Is My Identity Protected on the Echosec Systems Platform?

Echosec Systems enables users to achieve search anonymity that is not possible through fake accounts or "guest searching" within data provider sites.

Who Sees What I'm Searching For?

When you run a search, Echosec Systems products retrieve data by contacting our data providers. Some data providers have direct access to your search terms, but nothing else—and content authors see nothing. For example, if you search for the keyword “violence” on Twitter, Echosec Systems sends that keyword to Twitter, and Twitter responds with matching tweets. Twitter sees Echosec Systems as the source of the search—but we do not identify clients when transmitting search requests to data providers.

How Is My Identity Protected on the Platform?

Conversely, searching directly on data provider sites (e.g. running a search within Twitter) does not ensure user anonymity—even if you use a fake account or navigate the site as a guest. Providers can still link search activities to your IP address and track this activity over time. This means that providers could eventually gather enough search data to infer your identity and label any of your past or future search queries.

Echosec Systems products enable users to achieve anonymity that is not possible through fake accounts or guest searching. All searches performed by Echosec Systems customers are run through the same IP address to prevent data providers from inferring customer identities. Data providers are unable to identify your past or future searches, even if you search repeatedly for identifiable keywords (e.g. searching for your company’s name). As stated above, your keywords can be accessed by some providers, but you remain completely anonymous as an Echosec Systems user.