Post detail view

The Post Detail View is where you can enlarge posts and conduct more advanced, related searches. To access the Post Detail View, click on a post. It will open in the Post Detail View and allow you access to additional search functions.

Please note: Some features are only available for select services.

post detail view

Open in a new window:

Click to open the post in a window on the native social media site. This may require a login for the particular site to view.

Search user:

The Search User icon will conduct a search on the specific username across the related social media service. For example, clicking on the Search User icon in the Results Panel of a Flickr post will return all of the publicly available posts from that Flickr user.

Find post:

The Find Post Button will center the map on the post currently in the Post Detail View and highlight it on the map. At any point, you can click on the username to navigate to the native social media site in another browser window. Note: This will not appear if the post does not have a precise geotag.


If you have a Twitter or Facebook account integrated with your Echosec account, you can directly share content from within the app.

Place filter:

Activate the relevant Place Filter. This option allows you to showcase content that is posted to the same geo-political region.


Some platforms offer in-line engagement tools, you can Reply, Like, Retweet, or Follow directly from the application.

engage 2


Translate from any language to one of our supported ones. Users can also use in browser translation by Right Click > Translate options in some modern browsers, notably Google’s Chrome.

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