Results view and filtering content

The Results View contains the content that returns from an Echosec search. It contains an image thumbnail, post text, and other basic information about the posts.

echosec results view

The Results View can be toggled between a Gallery and Stream view for an optimal viewing experience using the Gallery Toggle at the bottom of the Action Bar.

Filter content

Echosec has a number of different filters that you can use to organize information.

Image filter:
Click on the Image Filter to remove all content that does not contain an Image or Video thumbnail image.


Location filter:

Click on the Location Filter to remove any content that does not have a precise geotag. Some posts are tagged regionally or do not have a geotag at all (keyword search).


Date filter:

The Date Filter allows you to specify a date range without re-running the search.


Hashtag filter:

Click on the Hashtag Filter to see the Top 20 hashtags from your search.


User filter:

Click on the User Filter to see All Users in the search listed by post frequency.


Video Filter:

Click on the Video Filter to remove all content that does not contain a video.


Place filter:

The Place Filter allows you to view all the content by geopolitical boundaries that are contained in the search.


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