Notification Settings

Notification Settings allow you to configure notification frequency, endpoints, and delivery type (digest vs. batch) for each Saved Search and for any inclusion filters within a Saved Search.

Configure Notifications

Navigate to any Saved Search and select "Notifications" to enable and configure notifications for that search:

Echosec - Notification settings

Configure Email Destinations

In the table that appears, select the email icon under "Email/Webhook Destinations" to add additional email destinations for a notification. The email address associated with your Echosec account is used as the default email. To change this, navigate to My Settings from the settings icon on the cross-product navigation bar on the left:

Echosec - Settings

You can remove this primary email destination once an alternative destination is added. You can also define an alternative webhook endpoint. Learn more about webhooks here.

Summary vs. Filters

You can turn on email notifications across the whole Saved Search by selecting notification options beside the "Summary" option:


If your Saved Search has additional keyword inclusion filters applied, expanding the "More Options" button will display these. You can turn on notifications and specify different email destinations for each filter and search combination:

more options

Batch vs. Digest Emails

Choose timing from the "Email Frequency" column to receive a batch notification containing all posts returned since your last email.

You can also choose a digest email, which contains data insights like top hashtags and most influential authors as well as a selection of posts returned. Digest emails are useful for high-volume searches. Weekly digest emails are sent on Fridays at 0:00 UTC.

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