Search Builder

Our Beacon search builder allows for ease of navigating through the abundance of information on the deep and dark web.

Please note: Beacon users are prohibited from conducting searches for any illegal material on the platform except as expressly permitted for the purposes of law enforcement, such as investigating crime.

The search builder is designed to help walk you through the search process. It breaks down our advanced search options into a more user friendly format, aiding you in finding the information you're looking for.

Search Marketplaces

Search the darknet marketplaces for items or credentials for sale.

First, choose the specific categories you would like your search to be in. 


Next, enter the relevant keywords you want your results to contain.


Lastly, opt to have results limited to posts crawled in the last month. 

search settings-1

Search Discussion Boards 

Search news, paste sites, classifieds, discussions, and chats across the surface, darknet, and deep web.

First, choose the specific data sources you would like your results to come from. 

discussion boardsNext, enter your organization name and the names of executives or any organization members you would like to search for. 

organization name

Enter the specific keywords that should be present within your results.

enter keywords

Search Breached Data

Search for breached corporate or personally identifiable information on the darknet. 

First, enter your organization's email domain and any additional email addresses you would like to search for. You can also choose the minimum number of email addresses that should be present within each post returned. 

breached dataNext, further narrow down your search by entering your website domain, specific IP addresses, or specific usernames.