Location, username, keyword, and data type searches

The location, keyword, and data type searches can be found in the search bar.

quick search-1
Search by Location
  • Type your location of interest into the top bar.
  • This could be a street, a city name, or even a country.
  • Click the button or press enter on your keyboard.

Search by Username
  • Click the Search User icon.
  • Choose the service that the user is on.
  • Type in the username of interest e.g. @NWpizzaguy.
  • Click or press enter.

Search by Keyword
  • Click the Keyword icon in the top search bar.
  • Type your keyword of interest.
  • Use Boolean logic to combine up to three Keywords
  • Click or press enter.


Search by Data Type
  • Click More
  • Select Data Feeds and Media Types
  • Each data type indicates which searches (Keyword, Location, Username) are valid. Selecting a specific media type (Image or Video) will only return results that contain those media elements.
  • Click Search or Press Enter