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What Are My Usage Limits and How Do I Conserve Them?

Echosec and Beacon have different subscriber usage limits. There are a few ways you can conserve Platform usage.

Usage Limits and Monitoring

Echosec users are allotted a maximum of 250 searches and 500,000 posts returned per month. Beacon users are allotted a maximum of 500 searches per month. There is no limit on the number of posts returned in Beacon.*

View your organization's cumulative usage under Settings > Organization to ensure you stay within your organization's monthly activity.

The usage graphs show the number of searches both you and your organization have run, as well as the number of Echosec posts returned (this includes both Quick Search and Saved Search post results in Echosec). You will also see the number of Beacon searches queried to-date if your organization has a Beacon license:

Echosec - organization usage

*Increased data packages are available upon request. Contact your Echosec representative for more details and pricing.

Conserving Platform Usage

If you're getting close to your usage limit, here are a few tips.


  • Be as specific as possible in your Quick Searches. Check out our Echosec Search Optimization article for more search building tips. For example, saving a Quick Search for a common keyword like "Trump" without applying additional filters will quickly exhaust your usage limit.
  • Pause Saved Searches that you don't immediately need to limit usage without deleting a Saved Search.


  • Utilize Boolean Logic to minimize the number of searches you run. For example, instead of running multiple searches for ["bank name"] AND account, ["bank name"] AND scampage, and ["bank name"] AND fullz, you could search ["bank name"] AND (account OR scampage OR fullz)
  • Check out our Beacon Search Optimization article for more search building tips.