What Is Privacy Compliance and Why Is It Important?

Privacy compliant tools respect data providers' terms of service and regional data privacy legislation.

Organizations rely on tools like Echosec and Beacon to access relevant, public data. Even though this data is public, it can’t be legally or ethically used without consent. Mainstream providers typically outline terms of service and privacy policies that explain how users consent to their data being collected and used.

These policies also generally comply with regional data privacy laws like the GDPR. Data privacy legislation protects individual rights over how personal data is gathered and used online.

Using privacy-centric tools is a business advantage. In the past, data companies have lost provider access or were forced to shut down completely after their compliance violations were publicized. This can result in service interruptions, major public scandals, and financial loss for both the data company and their clients. 

Many jurisdictions have strong privacy legislation, including California, Canada, and the EU. Privacy compliance is therefore crucial from a global business perspective, especially if companies wish to develop a global presence and handle personal data from residents in these regions. 

It should go without saying that respecting individual privacy, whether in the digital or physical realm, is the right thing to do from both a human and a business perspective.