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What Is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the practice of gathering and overseeing public activity on social media.

Social media monitoring tools are designed to aggregate publicly available data from multiple networks and display it in a digestible format for end-users. Tools pull information from a range of social networks as well as some traditional media outlets. These tools do not have access to private data.

Managing vs. Monitoring vs. Listening

Social media managing refers to the upkeep of your own social media accounts through outreach and response to various events. Social media monitoring refers to the process of finding and aggregating specific content across multiple social media providers. Listening is collecting broader data and analyzing it to interpret trends and extract insights to drive decisions. Many platforms monitor, listen to, and manage social media at varying degrees of efficacy.

Social Media Monitoring Uses

Aggregating and filtering public social media content for key content supports a number of use cases for a variety of organizations:

  • Finding and mitigating customer feedback and complaints
  • Detecting threats and security risks
  • Gathering situational context about global events
  • Assessing public sentiment about a brand or other entity

Social Media Monitoring and User Privacy

The term "social media monitoring" often has a negative connotation in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and for good reason—people want to know who has access to their personal data, what data is being accessed, and how it is being used. Not all organizations protect users in the same way, and data companies vary in their approach to data provider compliance and regional privacy laws.

Social media users should review their platform's terms of service to better understand how their data is used. Likewise, users should stay informed about privacy laws, such as the GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in California, applicable in their region to better understand their data rights and how to respond to privacy violations.

Data privacy and compliance is at the forefront of Echosec Systems and our platform delivery. Check out our compliance blog to learn more, or visit our other Knowledge Base articles: 


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