Why Does Compliance Matter with Publicly-Available Data?

Using publicly-available data still relies on user consent.

Just because data is public doesn't mean it can't be used without restriction. Modern privacy legislation is based on consent for certain purposes. For example, you can grant a company consent to send receipts to your email inbox but restrict them from sending marketing content.

The same principle applies to public internet data—just because it’s available doesn’t mean you can (legally and ethically) use it without consent!

Echosec Systems considers the likely intent of users who post public data and the way our customers consume it when determining privacy impact and consent. Customer consumption is measured by the Echosec Systems use case submission process.

User intent is judged by where and how users post data. For example, an individual’s Twitter account is treated differently than a company’s marketing department Twitter account. These are also treated differently than a dark web forum post. In this way, we gauge the level of poster consent to determine which customer uses respect that consent.