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Why Doesn't Echosec Gather Facebook and Instagram Data?

Facebook and Instagram aren't used as data providers to stay compliant with providers' acceptable use policies.

In March 2018, news broke that the political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, had collected and used Facebook user data to inform political campaigns. This data was exploited without user consent, violating user data rights and privacy.

Long before the scandal, both Facebook and Instagram had begun tightening their security settings to prohibit broad monitoring. That means data aggregation platforms have not had legal access to these data providers since 2016. Compliance and ethics are at the forefront of Echosec Systems’ mission and product design. Our platform only collects public data in compliance with each data provider’s acceptable use policies, as well as regional legislation such as the GDPR.

If an Echosec user has access to Twitter as a data provider, Facebook and Instagram content is aggregated only if the user publicly cross-posted that content to Twitter.

Facebook and Instagram are widely used social networks. However, the less-regulated and more obscure social networks are often more useful for detecting threat intelligence.